A Look Back at Automobiles of Yesteryear

Concours, Racing and Muscle Cars

When one talks about automobiles they never fail to remember nostaligically about cars we've been associated with in our lives.

CGF covers such events as, Concours de Elegance Pebble Beach and Amelia Island. Crown jewels for Historic's include the Monterey Motorsports weekend and the Sonoma Historic's Motorsports Festival.

These events would not be complete without our attendance of the Peter Auto Events: Tour Auto Optic 2000, Grand Prix De L'Age D'or and The Le Mans Classic, just to name a few.

This year we will be including coverage of the British Classic "Goodwood Festival of Speed". This will be our first coverage but promises to be exciting.

People / Places

Not Just Cars

Any photograph, location or event is not complete without discussing the individuals that are a integral part of the conversation.  We  will take you inside the events with the drivers and owners of these cherished vehicles. Discussions of past event wins, losses and what could have been. Join us in the conversation as we reveal people and events that made automotive racing history.