Tour Auto Optic 2000, 2017 Day 4

Like the departure to the park of the castle of Goulaine the day before, the sun is present at the beginning of the day, a surprise awaits however the crews. The bodies are covered with a relatively thick layer of frost. It is therefore necessary to scratch. The first hours of the day will be cool for some competitors lacking heating, or roof! Bonnets and scarves were out of suitcases! ...
The Limoges Exhibition Center is the starting point for this fourth and final stage of the Tour Auto. It is not less than 464 kilometers to reach Toulouse that the competitors will go. On the program of this stage, two events on closed roads and one on the circuit of Albi. The competitors of the regularity plateaus have the primeur of departure from this stage. The first competitor starts at 6.30 am and heads for Arnac-Pompadour, some sixty kilometers south of Limoges, and joins the regrouping park at the foot of the castle, before the first event of the day, Beyssac. The road book issued at the time of departure invites the competitors to be alert very early, despite the not so distant awakening, as the course of the special is winding, narrow, and the relief tormented. A good reader, top start ...

On this track, KAPPENBERGER / SCHENKEL on Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT are the most skilled in regularity category. In HCV SMITH / COTTINGHAM go ahead FAVARO / NICOLET and CARON / GIRAUDET, LEMBERG / LEMBERG are G1 G2, and SIRGUE / CAREER in H1 H2 I.
It is under a warm sun in the passenger compartments that the competitors cross the 120 kilometers of the connecting course in the direction of the second event timed at Saint CERE. This event is the longest of the Tour Auto, 13.9 kilometers, with wide and fast roads, laces, and always a tormented relief. Are not all the ingredients of a sporty driving being assembled on the course of this special stage? ...
The duo NICOULES / NICOULES show their ability to respect the average imposed on this route aboard their Studebaker Coupé Champion. In HCV, CARON / GIRAUDET achieved the fastest time in front of FAVARO / NICOLET and SMITH / COTTINGHAM. VIARD / HAQUETTE are at the top of the G1 G2 category, REY / EBERHARD imitate them in the H1 H2 category I. The winner of the previous edition, LAJOURNADE / BOUCHET (Jaguar type E 3.8l) This test following a motor breakage. Jean Pierre LAJOURNADE feared a break from the start, after several alerts (fuel supply, gearbox) it is the engine that finally put an end to this challenge.
The competitors then take the direction of the abbey of LOC GOD for the lunch break. This 12th century building is the first Cistercian abbey of Rouergue, founded in 1123 by thirteen monks. In June 1940, more than 3100 paintings, including the Mona Lisa, were put up in the shelter. Could not one dream more beautiful place to recharge? ...
The circuit of Albi-le Séquestre opens its track in the afternoon to the competitors of the Tour Auto. This circuit, created in 1959, is the second car racing site of the hexagon, and has repeatedly welcomed the Tour de France Automobile. With a length of 3,565 kilometers, the course has long straight lines combined with fast curves and baffles, ideal for expressing dexterity on the steering wheel and engine power.
SMITH confirms his lead in the standings by winning the event in front of ELLERBROCK and MERLIN, in HCV. VANDROMME is the fastest in G1 G2, like JOHN OF B. in H1 H2 I. In regularity, five teams managed to respect the average imposed on the three laps without penalty. The duo MEYLAN / STERVINOU on Alpine Renault A110 1800 GrIV takes first place in this event.
At the end of this last event of the day, the caravan of the Tour Auto sets the course on the pink city, Toulouse, where the park is closed. On the road, the competitors could see, in the distance, the Pyrenean peaks still snowed, theater of their exploits of the last stage.

At the moment when the sun disappears on the horizon, the provisional general classifications are thus established:

Category regularity:
NICOULES / NICOULES Studebaker Coupé Champion
MEYLAN / STERVINOU Alpine Renaut A110 1800 GrIV

Category competition:
CARON / GIRAUDET Shelby Cobra 289
FAVARO / NICOLET Jaguar Type E 3,8L
G1 G2
VIARD / HAT Ford Escort MK I RS 2000
SALAT / BIGGI Renault 8 Gordini

H1 H2 I
SIRGUE / CARRIERE by Tomaso Pantéra

Performance Index
PENCIL / VERLAINE Porsche 356 Pre A

The complete and detailed results are here or there:

Ten new dropouts at the end of this stage


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