Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide the reader something unique that you may not be able to obtain from any other magazine. We see our role as to provide not just articles and interviews but photography that tells of success and failure, achievement and heartbreak.

We want you to be there with us to feel the rush, smell the fuel and experience "MotorSports" at the very pinnacle of automotive racing.


Our Story

I started my automotive racing journey as a young child. I participated in building and design of early drag cars, mostly gassers and what would become pro stock. I formed bonds with drivers and mechanics alike. Hungry for even more I built drove and campaigned a top fuel digger for one year. Since this was not economically viable I moved on.

What shapes our magazine and this team is the passion and dedication to motorsports coverage.

Our goal is to provide you with the sights, sounds and articles that you want to see and read.


Meet the Team

Here is part of our team, we are passionate, dedicated  and involved.

We are here because we "LOVE" this work and want to share our world with you.


Larry Hedrick

Founder, CEO & Chief Photographer

I started my journey to covering the famous 24 Hours of Lemans, after watching the movie Le Mans.


Fabien Prost


I have been to every 24 Hours of Le Mans since I was a child.


Bruno Bataille



My passion is with photography and historical motorsports racing.

The Time is NOW!!

When you need coverage of an automobile related event then we should be your first choice. Contact us, let us show you the quality, excellence and professionalism that comes from years of experience.