Tour Auto Optic 2000, 2017 DAY 1 Grand Palais

Images from the Tour Auto Optic 2000 2017. These images were photographed by our photographer Bruno Bataille. Monday, 24 April, Paris 8 ème arrondissement, Avenue Winston Churchill, it stirs a lot around the grand palais since yesterday… fast cars from another time, driven by their owners, penetrate under the canopy of the grand palais, Almost in silence, just a few words… hello… head towards the second driveway… Pierre, you have the approval certificate of the car?…
The competitors engaged in the 26th Tour Auto Optic 2000 are summoned to the administrative and technical checks. This day is dedicated to final preparations, and to respond to the demands of the media and the public come in number as soon as it opens. This is also the opportunity to thank the organizer of its partners, and to present the edition of the vintage. On his side Ferrari this year celebrates its 70 years, and has chosen the framework of the tour auto to present the Ferrari 812 superfast and the ferrari aperta.
Every year Peter Auto celebrates a brand or a type of car on the occasion of the tour auto; 2017 is the one of marks or missing french builders. So it may be noted on the list of committed of b.s.h., c.g., d.b., Hotchkiss, Jide, ligier, panhard, and other Rene-bonnet. For the younger, we need to immerse themselves in the program of the tour auto to know a little more about these brands.
A few heads known can be spotted during the visit of this museum ephemeral. Ari Vatanen (Champion of the world rally championship in 1981, quadruple winners of the Paris-Dakar) and François Chatriot (Champion of France rally championship in 1989 and 1990), ushers on BMW of each of the stages. Derek Bell (five-time winner of the 24 hours of le mans) hired on a Porsche 911 Rs 3.0 l of 1975, Michel Perin, copilot of françois chatriot during his victory in 1986 at the tour de France automobile . Michel Lecourt and Jean-Claude Basso Animators French circuits, Jean-Paul Driot, boss of the stable dams, Didier Calmels and Philippe Sinault Signatech (Alpine). The world of the show is not in rest, with the presence of guy berryman bassist of the band coldplay, copiloté by the drummer Glenn Mold of the group howling bells, or the comedian Alexander Brewer on Jaguar MK I with the colors of the foundation opej. Michelin starred chefs have neglected, the time their ovens for the time of a tour auto, Michel Chabran, Michel Rostang, Jean Paul Lacombe.
At a time when the doors of the grand palais closes to the public, the sun flooding yet of its rays fast cars through the skylight. The day continues with the liking of different functions organized by the partners of the tour auto optic 2000. The night is short for everyone, so it will be all week, until biarritz!

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